Mining and Reservoir Induced Seismicity

BE’s strain-softening, dilatant finite element models have been demonstrated to reliably forecast seismogenic potential at operations across the world, using correlations between simulated energy release, fault slip and the likelihood of event occurrence (event rate/volume/time).

Our unique approach utilises physics based calculations of energy release calibrated to the mine’s seismic observations. This physics based approach captures the mechanism of deformations and seismicity, allowing you ti clearly communicate current and future seismic hazard to engineers, managers and crews.

Beck Engineering has spent many years refining methods for quantifying and forecasting seismic hazard. This area remains one of our primary field of research, and continues to be a major focus.

We apply our proven methods, and continue to undertake research at some of the most challenging seismically active mining operations globally.

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Comparison of forecast seismic event potential and measured seismicity at an example mine.